Hack4Youth Challenge 2023

Are you a creative team player who wants to make an impact for next generations? Then Hack4Youth is for you!

The Hack4Youth Challenge is a 1-day pressure cooker in which students are challenged to come up with solutions for a societal challenge that is related to the ambitions of Healthy Start. The challenges are presented and represented by various societal stakeholders. The event is open to a diverse group of students from Erasmus University, Erasmus MC, and TU Delft. This will highlight the interdisciplinary nature of Healthy Start within the student teams. The student teams will approach the social challenge through a design process, and the multidisciplinary approach will undoubtedly lead to creative solutions.

What is Healthy Start?

Healthy Start is part of Convergence, an alliance of the TU Delft, Erasmus MC, and Erasmus University. Healthy Start is a research programme with the ambition to create impact for next generations. We in Healthy Start believe that every child and young adult should have the opportunity to reach their full developmental potential. To realize that ambition, we build research and education projects where multiple disciplines from social, medical, and technical sciences join forces. All our projects are built and realized in close collaboration with societal partners to ensure real impact.

What to expect?

Many of the societal issues we face require a creative, out-of-the-box approach. Students can come up with highly innovative ideas and often just need a trigger to unleash their creativity. Through a high-pressure event like the Hack4Youth Challenge, students receive a trigger from the societal stakeholders, which they can then work on in their own way. This allows them to immediately make an impact for young people, by young people. Through challenges like these, we aim to bring together a community of active and engaged students within Healthy Start, who inspire each other and learn from each other’s perspectives and backgrounds.

As a participant, you will take part in a day-long, inspiring co-creative high-pressure session, in which students work in multidisciplinary teams and are guided by experts in design, innovation, and societal impact. Information from stakeholders, workshops on design-thinking and guidance by coaches will lead you and your team to the development of a real solution! A jury consisting of stakeholders will evaluate the ideas and select the winning idea. The event will be organized by the team of Healthy Start, Erasmus Verbindt, and De Social Hub.

Date: 7 July 2023, 9.30 – 18.00
Location: Vakwerkhuis Delft
Deadline registration: 15 June
Participation is free of charge

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