Fast-tracking climate Resilience with AI – a stakeholder discussion

Quickly, AI is starting to define all our industries – but we wonder if it can also help us solve the bigger societal issues we are facing. Especially in the Netherlands, the threat of climate change worries us all. Can AI help us change its course? Or help us adapt to what it changes?

Due to climate change the population is facing difficult questions, to which the answers have huge consequences. Any decisions made about the future will have to take into account the changing landscape; a third of Netherlands is below sea level and severe droughts are compromising the integrity of our dikes. With rising water levels, how do we avoid becoming climate migrants in 50 years’ time?

To help us solve or face these problems, research and development looks to AI technology. However, there are still many questions on the way to go about it. In the long run, do we believe that AI is a viable solution for climate resilience? And if we do, how is AI currently being used to address climate change in cities? Also, who should the population look to for the solutions provided? Who will be at the forefront of leading the transition to protecting our homes?

Join us at Mondai | House of AI in Delft for this Convergence AI Mixer, where an esteemed set of panellists will try to answer some of these questions:

Astrid de Wit – Programme Manager Climate Adaptation, Province of South Holland
Hans de Voogd – Programme Director Convergence Resilient Delta
dr. Peter van der Putten – Assistant Professor at the Leiden University Institute for Advanced Computer Science
dr. Sunil Tankha – Assistant Professor at the Erasmus International Institute of Social Studies Behnam Taebi – Professor at the TU Delft, Faculty of Technology Policy, and Management

15.00 – 15.30: Doors open, walk in.
15.30 – 17.00: Panel discussion by our panelists, moderator to be announced.
17.00: Drinks!

Click on this link to register: Fast-Tracking Climate Resilience with AI – a Stakeholder Discussion – Mondai (