Rethinking mobility for healthy and vital cities


In our ever-evolving world, the way we move around our cities is undergoing a profound transformation. We’re steering away from excessive car usage, exploring fresher avenues like cycling and public transportation. This shift is about nurturing healthier, safer, and more pleasant urban landscapes. In this symposium, we will bring together researchers and different stakeholders to discuss the existence evidence on the effects of this ongoing urban transformation, and the barriers, challenges and opportunities associated with crafting new mobility policies. We invite you to join us in this debate.

Our symposium agenda includes two key sessions:

Scientific insights

  • Chair: Prof. dr. Job van Exel (Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management)
  • Prof. dr. Mark Nieuwenhuijsen (ISGLOBAL Institute For Global Health Barcelona)
  • Dr. Anna Bornioli (University of Surrey)
  • Prof. dr. Pilar García-Gómez (Erasmus School of Economics).

Policy roundtable

Dr. Famke Molenberg (Erasmus MC) will lead a dynamic discussion among a diverse range of stakeholders. Together, we’ll explore the intricacies of mobility policy development, addressing the barriers, challenges, and the wealth of opportunities that lie within. 

We will close the symposium with some drinks and bites, leaving ample opportunity for networking.

The symposium is related to two projects  ‘30km/h speed limits for healthy populations and vital cities’, ( and ‘Personalized, Real-Time Health Impact of Climate Change and Pollution’ (