Official Launch Sustainable Health Programs

On January 30, Stefan Sleijfer, president of Erasmus MC, will officially launch the Sustainable Health Programs.

We face major challenges in the health care system, such as an increasing demand for care with a tight labor market and limited resources. In addition, as a healthcare system, we are burdening our environment with all the waste we produce. Only together can we sustainably solve these challenges,” said Stefan Sleijfer, chairman of the Erasmus MC Board of Directors. In this context, the call for Sustainable Health Programs was launched. On this day, the selected programs will be officially launched.

The new Sustainable Health Programs SMART OR 2030, Technological Innovations for Nurses and Transition to Zero Emission Endoscopy. They will operate within Convergence for Health & Technology. Each program will have the opportunity to collaborate in a working session, followed by the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts.