June 6: Live podcast sexual street intimidation

On June 6, Erasmus Verbindt and Healthy Start are organising a live podcast about sexual street intimidation at WORM Rotterdam. Will you be there?

Recent research by Plan International NL reveals: although 83% of young men (16-25 years old) understand what street intimidation is, only 43% can recognize it in action. And: no less than 75% did not intervene the last time they witnessed street intimidation.

Why do men commit street intimidation? How can we inspire change? This After Talk of the podcast episode ‘Seksuele Intimidatie’ (S3E1) of the podcast ‘Stadswandelingen’ of Erasmus University Rotterdam is all about awareness and action.

Healthy Start PhD candidate Charlotte van Tuijl of the ambition ‘Youth participation and involvement’ joins the conversation, as do JuliĆ«nne Beijer (Sexmatters Foundation), Judith Holzmann (Fairspace) and Patrick Engels (Emancipator).

Men can become proactive allies in preventing and addressing street intmidation. Join us, discover strategies and think along! Together, we can create safer streets for everyone.