Healthy City Conference

Get ready to be a part of the future of healthy urban living! We’re thrilled to invite you to the Healthy City Conference, a dynamic event co-organised by The Resilient Delta Initiative and Healthy Neighbourhoods. Join us on Tuesday, April 18th, at the iconic Sparta Stadium in Rotterdam for a day of collaboration, innovation, and inspiration.

This conference is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including healthcare, sociology, urban planning, and industrial design. Our mission is to bring together groups, organisations, and projects to explore solutions for health inequalities and to create a more comprehensive understanding of health-related research in the city. Let’s come together and envision a healthy, vibrant future for our communities.

The day’s purpose is to create a space where participants can exchange knowledge and get excited to start new projects. We’ve also invited inspiring speakers, and various workshops and presentations will serve as venues for discussions. The day will end with a networking event, providing a great opportunity to connect with fellow professionals in the field.

How to get involved
Looking to share your (preliminary) research results, seeking input on an interesting pilot, or searching for collaborators for a brand-new research project? Look no further than the Healthy City Conference! This event provides the perfect opportunity for you to connect with like-minded researchers and professionals who share your interest in the exciting intersection of health, urban innovations, and technology. Don’t miss out on this chance to exchange knowledge and get inspired to start new projects.

The conference is an open call for contributions, where you can share ongoing work, obtained results, and next steps, and meet others in the field with research ideas and on-the-ground experience.

The programme
Please join us for registration at 9:00, with the program officially starting at 9:30 am and continuing until the networking event at 18.15

The program offers a diverse range of activities, including engaging plenary sessions, informative morning, and afternoon workshops, stands showcasing inspiring projects, and a networking event ending with a delicious dinner.

Themes to be explored include:
• Data infrastructure for research and innovative digital tools to tackle health issues.
• Working with target groups to address health inequalities.
• Designing a healthy physical environment.
• Governance strategies for creating healthier communities.
• Methods for transdisciplinary research that bridges disciplines and stakeholders.
• Integrating health considerations in socioeconomic domains.

To attend, please sign up using this provided link before April 3rd. This is an event that aims to initiate or renew contacts with other professionals who share a passion for exploring the dynamic crossroads of health, innovative urban solutions and technology, so please feel free to share this event with anyone you think would be interested in attending.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or email We can’t wait to see you in April!