Disrupt & Deliver

Launching New Ideas in a Regulated World

Mark Your Calendars!

Dive deep into the heart of medical innovation and discover the critical role of regulatory compliance in bringing life-saving products from concept to market. This event is your gateway to:

  • Engaging Workshops & Panels: Led by RAPS experts, unravel the complexities of compliance and product development.
  • Networking Opportunities: Learn from experts with decades of hands-on experience and connect with peers sharing your passion.
  • Idea Pitch Market and Expert Q&A: Present your innovative concepts to experts. Have your pressing questions answered in real-time.


Why Attend?

It’s more than just an event; it’s a chance to challenge perceptions, gain invaluable insights, and explore the intersection of science, innovation, and regulation. Whether you’re aiming to make your mark in the medical field or curious about the behind-the-scenes of product development, this day will illuminate the path forward.

RSVP Early: Spaces are limited. Secure your spot and be part of an enlightening journey that promises to inspire and empower. Registration is open!



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