Brainstorm Event studentboard transdisciplinary research master Sustainable Health

Are you a student who wants to play a part in shaping the future of sustainable healthcare education? This is you change! Convergence, a collaboration between TU Delft, EUR, and Erasmus MC, is actively developing the new transdisciplinary research master in Sustainable Health. As this program is designed for the next generation, your input as a student is highly valued and essential to its success!

The project team is organizing a brainstorming session for students where there is a lot of opportunity to share your ideas about the new research master, sustainable health, and transdisciplinary collaboration. This input from students will be taken into account in shaping the master’s program. Questions we want to discuss include: which master’s program would I have wanted to pursue, but doesn’t currently exist in the current offerings?; what would I like to learn and how would I like to learn it about care, health, and sustainability?; where would I like to work in the future and what skills, knowledge, and abilities would I have?; what does my dream job look like in shaping the future of healthcare?

The program for the afternoon will be announced later. Can’t you be present for the whole day due to education? No problem, you can also attend a part of it. There will be a free lunch. Maximum 50 spots, first come, first serve!