Brainstorm Event 2.0 research master Sustainable Health

We enthusiastically invite you to a brainstorming session about the Convergence research master Sustainable Health. 

Convergence Health and Technology is exploring the development of a transdisciplinary research master in Sustainable Health. This research master aims to educate a diverse group of innovative thinking doers who can bring new insights to achieving sustainable healthcare, public health, workforce and resources. We’re organising multiple brainstorming sessions as we believe in a transdisciplinary approach for a transdisciplinary research master.

This invite is already for our second brainstorming session. In this session, we aim to refine the original idea for the new Convergence master, tentatively titled “Sustainable Health”. At our first brainstorming session participants contributed their valuable ideas. We will build upon the feedback gathered during that session, but attendance to the first session is not required for participation in the second.

We want to invite everyone – colleagues and students from healthcare, science or education at EUR, Erasmus MC, TU Delft, as well as social partners – to participate in this second brainstorming session. Let’s form the future convergence research master together!


We will start the afternoon with a keynote by Dr Mieke van der Bijl, who will explore the word “transdisciplinarity” with us. Afterwards, brainstorming will take place in small groups. The outline of the programme is as follows:

  • Reflection on session January 15th, 2024
  • Keynote by Mieke van der Bijl on transdisciplinary education
  • Brainstorm session 1: Working towards a concrete focus of the master program
  • Brainstorm session 2 & 3: Working towards more concrete content and transdisciplinary research skills throughout the 2-year program
  • Plenary: Who should be present at the table during the autumn design sessions where the blueprint of the program will be drafted?
  • Joint conclusion, next steps and drinks

Behind the scenes

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we continue to work on prerequisites. How do we, as three institutions within Convergence, intend to collaborate? What does this look like as we endeavour to jointly establish a two-year master’s program? Additionally, a large student board is being formed, along with engaging societal partners. On April 10th and May 15th, brainstorming sessions will take place with these two groups, respectively.

Please reach out to us at for further inquiries.