AI for Healthcare Meetup

On the interaction of Humans and AI in Healthcare

On Thursday March, 16th (15:45 – 17:00) Mondai | House of AI has the pleasure of hosting the TU Delft AI Meetup: AI for Healthcare. We welcome dr. Himanshu Verma, Assistant Professor at the TU Delft | Industrial Design Engineering Faculty, and dr. Tom van Riet, Maxillofacial Surgeon at Amsterdam UMC. They speak on the interaction of Humans and AI in Healthcare. Himanshu Verma gives insight into why researched AI developments in Oncology don’t always align with the clinical practice. What hinders oncologists from trusting AI? And can we bridge the gap in the future? Tom van Riet will present how the developments of AI and robotics contribute to the improvement of tooth removal procedures. How does AI help doctors and dentists pull our teeth?

The doors open at 15:45, and the programme starts at 16.00. Afterwards everyone has the opportunity to network over drinks! Interested to know how AI is supporting your healthcare? To register and for more information: