Course in Virology

Course in Virology

Dates: 2 – 6 October 2023
Location: Erasmus MC

Embark on a captivating journey into viruses with our Course in Virology. Unveil the secrets of viruses, from their intricate structures and life cycles to their potential as therapeutic agents. Explore the world of plant, invertebrate, and emerging viruses, while delving into their impact on health and the immune system. Join us to unravel the enigma of viruses! Your voyage into virology begins here!

The Course in Virology provides a concise exploration of virology, covering key topics such as virus structure, life cycles, and their therapeutic potential. It delves into plant and invertebrate viruses, viral pathogenesis, immune response, evasion, and emerging viruses. Students gain insights into the complex world of viruses and their significance in human and animal health.


  • Structure and life cycle viruses
  • Plant and invertebrate viruses
  • Viruses as therapeutic agent
  • Pathogenesis of viruses
  • Immune response and evasion
  • Emerging viruses
  • Chronic and acute infections
  • Transmission and evolution
  • Viruses in a clinical setting
  • Intervention strategies

Course content by

M. Koopmans, Erasmus MC
M. Barcena, LUMC
G. Pijlman, WUR
T. Mahmoudi, Erasmus MC
A. Boonstra, Erasmus MC
C. Geurts van Kessel, Erasmus MC
B. Haagmans, Erasmus MC
R. Sikkema, Erasmus MC
E. Wiertz, Univ. Utrecht
M. van Gils, AMC
R. Hoeben, LUMC
P. Fraaij, Erasmus MC
S. Herfst, Erasmus MC
B. van den Hoogen, Erasmus MC
J. van Kampen, Erasmus MC
M. Beer, Friedrich Loefler Institute, Germany
T. Jones, Instit. of Virology, Charité, Germany
R. Groot, Univ. Utrecht
R. Kormelink, WUR
R. van Rij, Radboud UMC
M. Kikkert, LUMC
G. Verjans, Erasmus MC
M. de Graaf, Erasmus MC
B. Rockx, WUR
R. De Vries, Erasmus MC
F. van Kuppeveld, Univ. Utrecht
R. Molenkamp, Erasmus MC
D. van de Vijver, Erasmus MC
M. Richard, Erasmus MC
R. Fouchier, Erasmus MC
T. Geijtenbeek, UVA
R. Zahn, Janssen Vaccines
E. De Wit, NIH, USA

The course is organized by S. Herfst, M. Richard and B. van den Hoogen, Erasmus MC.