Convergence Square

At Erasmus MC, the first Convergence Square was officially opened just before the summer holidays. In this first Convergence Square people can collaborate on the Convergence of Health & Technology. “The fact that we have created the first meeting space so quickly shows the enormous energy behind the whole convergence initiative,” said Ernst Kuipers, President of the Executive Board of Erasmus MC.

Conversation starter

To get things cooking and to facilitate converging conversation between the three institutions, we created this first Convergence Square (which is actually rectangular :). We offer workspaces/ lab room/ event space that can be booked on a daily basis or for a current project. In short:

  • Lobby for hosting events (capacity: 30 – 40 people)
  • Workspaces (capacity: 2 – 4 people)
  • Large rooms perfect for brainstorm sessions/ or small prototyping workshops (capacity 4-8 people)

So, no perminent rooms available?

Correct! To enable the development of crosscutting convergence we like to keep the available space flexible. That’s why we provide room for temporary projects. Feel free to get in touch with us for more details. Please send an email to

Take a look at the map below:


Erasmus MC Dr. Molenwaterplein 40 Hoofdingang.
Convergence Square Building Ba fourth floor, room Ba432.

The reception is located at the main entrance of the Erasmus MC. Walk left past the reception into the parking garage and follow the blue/white path on the ground, towards Ba building, this is indicated on small yellow signs on the ceiling. Once in the Ba building follow the signs for Convergence Square. Take the stairs or elevator to the fourth floor. From the stairwell to the right and from the elevator to the left it is square.

Real science is made at the coffee machine.


Feel free to get in touch with us for more details and share your ideas. Please send an email to