Convergence Center for Responsible AI for Healthcare

AI systems are getting an undeniable foothold in healthcare. From the use in diagnostics and patient data analysis to the use in hospital management, pharmaceutical design, preventive and personalized medicine; AI is transforming the way we organize and deliver healthcare.

However, AI technology in the healthcare domain will also lead to complex challenges and ethical questions with respect to the trustworthiness, reliability, responsibility, explainability and fairness of AI-based systems. The widespread use of AI technology will require new policies, new governance arrangements in regulations and practices.

That is where the Convergence Centre for Responsible AI for healthcare comes in. It places patients and society at the center by joining forces and combining strengths, knowledge and expertise of EUR, Erasmus MC and TU Delft. The center crosses disciplines such as technology, ethics, business, science, medical science, law and social sciences. Furthermore, it undertakes convergence research, both theoretical and applied design education and foster innovation, and helps make AI technology a more trustworthy asset in the healthcare domain.