Call for Flagship Programs

Call for Proposals

Novel scientific knowledge as well as new technologies offer great potential for improving human wellbeing. Human behavior plays a crucial role in the successful adoption and use of knowledge and technology in addressing grand societal challenges. This is especially true in the health domain. Increased life spans, socioeconomic inequalities in health and longevity, novel diseases and the threat of rapidly increasing health care costs challenge the sustainability of our healthcare systems. We face the challenge to improve health and well-being and societal participation for all in an equitable way. Convergence of a wide range of disciplines is called for: only by bringing together experts from the medical and health sciences, life sciences, technical and data sciences, social sciences and humanities can we succeed in making our healthcare system more proactive, precise, participatory, and labor friendly, and, through that, improve health for all. At the same time, developing innovative solutions for this transition and delivering them to the world represents an unprecedented economic opportunity.

In our joint mission, we aim for:

  • Life-long health and well-being, from pre-birth to end of life
  • Socio-economic equality in health(care)
  • Prevention and early diagnostics to proactively maintain health
  • Individual-tailored precise medical treatment for all


Convergence in practice

Through the ‘Convergence Health & Technology Flagship program’ call 2022, we intend to establish so-called ‘Flagship programs’ across the four central (and interrelated) Convergence Health & Technology themes: Fundamentals of Health & Disease, Human-Centered Technology and AI for Health, Improving Health Journeys, and Technology Supported Transitions in Health(care).

The aim of the call for proposals for Flagship programs is to establish a Convergence Health & Technology scientific core-program and, in doing so, to develop and strengthen the scientific Convergence Health & Technology community within the TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The full call text is available in the Downloads section below.


Call for proposals published | November 2021
Deadline for submitting full proposals Flagship Programs | March 15th 2022
Review process by external jury | March 2022 – May 2022
Formal decision on awarded programs | Mid-June 2022
Start date awarded programs | September 1st 2022 (December 31st 2022 at the latest)


Clarification meeting

An online meetings to answer questions about the call for Flagships will be held on:
27 January 10.00 – 11.00 > click this link to attend.



For further questions and / or suggestions please send an email to



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Budget template 2.0:
Salary scales added

Budget template 2.1:
Various formulas adjusted with regard to total balances. In addition, the total column for personnel costs now calculates over several years.