Building partnerships

Resilient Delta aims to become more than an initiative, it aims to become an institute where students, researchers and external partners meet. The institute will develop models of the delta and implement solutions to improve the system’s resilience. On the one hand it is important to understand the system, on the other hand it is necessary to design solutions. For this first aim, you need education and research. You can find more information on the page ‘Lifelong learning’ of this website. For the second aim, Resilient Delta will identify potential solutions (based on model outputs and improved system understanding) and simulate potential solutions (to predict effects on the system). Through projects, ranging from small pilots to large longitudinal programmes, Resilient Delta will:

  • Design solutions based on (societal) needs of citizens and (predictive) model outputs.
  • Co-create solutions with citizens, private parties and the municipality.
  • Implement solutions, in the real-world dynamics of the system.
  • Measure the effect of solutions in real-time.
  • Evaluate efficacy and improve (implemented) solutions.

In order to make sure that these innovative solutions get a place in society, Resilient Delta recruits business developers that will help the researchers and students to move their ideas from paper to practice. Setting up public-private partnerships Resilient Delta will co-create and define the outlines of projects in joint collaboration with citizens, companies and government, within the boundaries of the research themes of the institute (City, Port, Delta System and Methodology). Their main task is to build a committed project consortium with new partners and find multipliers for the financial commitments of the founding partners of Resilient Delta.

On this website a few impressions have been mentioned of projects that were recently developed and are still under construction. If you have an idea, proposal or solution you think would fit into the portfolio of Resilient Delta, or if you would like to join an already existing project consortium, please reach out to the Business Developers mentioned on this webpage.

Any questions regarding Resilient Delta and partnerships?

Reach out to one of our business developers.

Michelle Damen

Business Developer