Bas Kolen and Bas Jonkman taught masterclass in floods and healthcare

PDPC experts Bas Jonkman and Bas Kolen taught a master class during the Netherlands Institute for Public Safety (NIPV) Network Event. ‘Watercrises: climate change and extreme weather conditions’ was the theme of the event on 5 October. Kolen and Jonkman discussed the lessons learned from the Limburg 2021 floods and the crossovers with health care. The audience recognized that awareness and preparedness play a role in safeguarding the continuity of care during climate and water-related disasters, as well as sharing information, self-sustainability and the design of delta cities.

Bas Jonkman also participated in the panel discussion with Diewertje Wallaart, Maarten van Aalst, Mirjam van ‘t veld, and Leon Houben. The discussion focused on the responsibility we share to realize a climate-neutral and prepared society while at the same time keeping an eye on the vulnerabilities of people and groups within this society.

Bas Koles teaches the masterclass