Houses of AI

To boost our education, research, and innovation goals, we’re creating a hybrid campus. It’ll have hubs in Delft and Rotterdam, linked by a virtual network of AI labs. This setup brings AI expertise and applications together. Right now, we have two main AI spots: Mondai | house of AI, at TU Delft Campus and The Data Collaboratory at the Erasmus Center for Data Analytics in Rotterdam.

Mondai | House of AI

Tu Delft University Campus
Mondai is the Japanese word for ‘problem’ or ‘question’ and the fitting brand name for the center of excellence that the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has established in order to connect and enable all stakeholders in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). To contribute to smart collaborations and partnerships, so that the ‘questions’ can be answered and the ‘problems’ solved. To drive innovation together and capitalize on economic and societal opportunities.

Connection, Collaboration & Innovation

Connecting the scientific community to the outside world, facilitating low-threshold access to the talent in universities and smart collaborations are crucial enablers for innovations.  Through them students and scientists gain the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice and validate their research and work.

Together we create opportunities to apply AI-research in practice, in companies and public institutions, enabling new business cases and greater efficiencies.

Connection, collaboration and innovation, that’s what it is all about at Mondai House of AI.

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Erasmus Data Collaboratory | House of AI

Erasmus University Campus
The Erasmus Data Collaboratory | House of AI (EDC | House of AI) is an inclusive, open experimenting environment for data and AI. Within this space, people can collectively think, work, innovate, and learn. Housed at the heart of the campus within the Polak building, this physical hub is being developed to facilitate hands-on action learning, applied research, experimentation, and valorisation. It will serve as a space where the entire data science cycle can occur, from data engineering to data analysis, including data visualisation. It features an Immersive Experience Lab, equipped with advanced digital projection facilities project, a data lab and cloud infrastructure with fast connectivity and meeting rooms furnished with creative and invigorating tools that support research and education and will also act as a central venue for meetups, workshops, masterclasses, and projects. The EDC | House of AI is facilitated by the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics.

Cultivating a better understanding of data and AI

The Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) serves as a flagship centre within Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), facilitating applied research and active learning in the domains of AI, data, digitalisation, and making it tangible through immersive technology which encompasses VR and AR and creates captivating digital experiences. This technology intersects with AI, data, and digitalisation by harnessing data-driven insights for personalised interactions, leveraging AI for enhanced realism, and contributing to industrial digital transformation via interactive and data-rich environments. The overarching goal is to cultivate a better understanding of data and AI. ECDA has its offices in the EDC | House of AI.


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