Listen to the Xperience week debate about Health & Technology

On the 9th of June, Tim van der Hagen (TU Delft) and Ernst Kuipers (Erasmus MC) discussed the importance of convergence and how this can lead to impactful technological innovations in healthcare.

Last month, the Experience Week took place at TU Delft. Five evenings of inspiration and debate. One of those evenings was about Health & Technology, with TU chairman Tim van der Hagen and Erasmus MC chairman Ernst Kuipers at the table. Scientists Richard Goossens, Natasja de Groot and David Maresca also joined in. It radiated convergence that evening! An hour to spare? Want to go for a walk? You can watch the interview below.

Radical innovation starts with cooperation.

Tim van der Hagen

TU Delft

President of the Executive Board and Rector Magnificus