Anja Schreijer joins PDPC

Anja Schreijer will join the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC) on January 1. Anja Schreijer is a doctor of social medicine and health and, since 2018, head of general infectious diseases at the GGD Amsterdam. Before that, she was an advisor on infectious disease control at the RIVM, GGD GHOR NL, and the WHO.

Medical affairs

As theme director for medical affairs, she will work together with Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC), Bas Jonkman (TU Delft) and Pearl Dykstra (EUR) to further shape and substantiate the vision, structure and organization of the PDPC and to further explore opportunities for national and international collaboration.

In addition to generating public attention and resources for the PDPC, she will focus on the content of public health, whereby the bridge between the knowledge partners, partners in the care chain and partners responsible for public care will be central.


Marion Koopmans: “We are very pleased to welcome Anja Schreijer as the fourth leader of the PDPC. With her broad network and wealth of experience in Public Health, she is a great asset to the PDPC. We look forward to working with her”.

Photo : Johannes Abeling. Amsterdam, 11-09-2020. Head of General Infectious Diseases at GGD Amsterdam, Anja Schreijer.